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What Speed of Light Travel in Star Wars Would REALLY Be Like

February 05, 2013In the Star Wars movies, when a spaceship such as the famous Millennium Falcon makes the jump to lightspeed travel through outer space, we see the stars turn into elongated shafts of bright lights before our eyes as the ship approaches the speed of light. But although the real science behind Star Wars’ sci-fi galaxy and technology is sound and well-researched, recently it was determined by a quartet of fourth-year physics students that no such view of “lightspeed travel” would exist.
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Medical Technology

At-Home No-Stitch Wound Healing Kit Fundraises $3 Million

The product is said to close wounds much faster than sutures.August 30, 2020You may not have heard of KitoTech Medical, a Seattle-based medical device company, but you have likely caught a video of one of their products as the items have gone viral. Called the microMend, the product is described as a bandaid with the strength of sutures.
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Rest In Memory, Tomb Reader System

Rest In Memory (RIM) is a marble tile to be placed on gravestones, with a QR code and an NFC tag that let you link to a web-based memorial.October 01, 2013All we visited a cemetery with an older relative, who told us the lives of family members or friends that are no longer with us. Thanks to Rest in Memory, all these stories don& 39;t get lost.
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