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3D Technologies

11 Ingenious Examples of DIY 3D Printer Engineering

These 3D printing ideas might inspire you to craft your own printed design.December 02, 20193D printers give everyday consumers the power of manufacturing. While the process is used largely for prototyping, it is also a highly efficient way of manufacturing a finished product or creating a missing piece for an existing item.
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Company to Mine Green Hydrogen with Underground Oil Fires

A startup plans to extract green hydrogen by burning underground oil reservoirs, leaving climate-warming CO2 deep underground.February 07, 2020This month, a company plans to harvest green hydrogen by lighting underground oil reservoirs on fire, according to a report by Science Mag. In the frozen plains of Saskatchewan, Canada, workers inject steam and air into Superb field, a 700-meter-thick (2,297 ft) layer of sand, which acts like a massive bottle cap to green hydrogen, and 200 million barrels of thick, black oil.
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Amazon Wins Court Order Halting $10 Billion US Military Contract to Microsoft

Amazon just won a court order that blocks a $10 billion U.S. military contract to Microsoft.February 13, 2020Amazon just won a court order that blocks a $10 billion US military contract to Microsoft, according to the News Observatory.RELATED: A VERY BRIEF HISTORY OF AMAZON: THE EVERYTHING STOREAmazon won a temporary lift on Microsoft& 39;s military workA federal court just ordered a temporary halt of Microsoft& 39;s work on a $10 billion military cloud contract that Amazon was at first expected to win.
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Energy & Environment

A Fracking Explosion In Ohio Leaked More Methane in 20 Days Than Some Countries Emit in a Year

The incident contributed 60,000 tons of methane to the atmosphere.December 22, 2019Back in February 2018, a natural gas well owned by a subsidiary of oil giant Exxon exploded at a fracking site in Belmont County, near the Ohio-West Virginia border. The incident forced nearby residents to evacuate their homes, but no one truly realized the true impact of the explosion at the time.
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