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It’s a case of sour milk for Ko Yang project

April 26, 2014Anyone who thought that they had seen it all with “Freshness Labels”, a food label that turned colour the older that food got, may want to think again. Now thanks to designer Ko Yang, we can see the difference between solids and liquids when it comes to milk. Any shop owners who have sour milk could in fact place it on the cheese shelf (although we don& 39;t recommend it) and its far less riskier than taking a smell not knowing how bad it& 39;s going to be.
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Russian Hoverbike Comes Crashing Down From 100 ft in Dubai

The hoverbike crashed with its pilot after a & 39;safety systems& 39; fail.June 10, 2020Hoverbike crashHoversurf Official/YouTubeHoversurf& 39;s Scorpion flying motorcycle lost control during its test flight this week in Dubai. The Russian-based company has been working on its hoverbike, which has had successful flights indoors, but this new test brought it to its current limits.
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Stranded Boater Rescued by SpaceX Recovery Vessel During Trial Runs

GO Searcher was practicing how to retrieve spacecraft from the sea when it found a stranded boater instead.May 12, 2020SpaceX is on schedule: the company is preparing for its first crew launch that is to lift off later this month. In order to make it run as smoothly as possible, SpaceX& 39;s fleet of recovery vessels is performing trial runs to make sure no crew or spacecraft is left behind in water upon landing.
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13 People with Some Strange Genetic Physical Conditions

In very rare circumstances, errors with a person& 39;s genetic code can result in some very interesting physical abnormalities. Here we have gathered some of the most interesting, and sometimes disturbing, examples of genetic physical conditions from around the world.Before you read on please note that some of these images are a little distressing.
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15 Impressively Tall Buildings That Are Scraping the Sky

Skyscrapers are almost aspirational. Humanity has accomplished some impressive engineering feats throughout the centuries, building massive towers of achievement. Always obsessed with breaking the limits, you have to commend our species for its dedication to finding new ways to create.As you probably guessed, today we are going to focus on some of the tallest buildings in the world, places that you can perhaps visit when everything around the world settles down.
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How Will Cars of the Future be Powered?

The global push away from fossil fuels is growing, but what alternatives do car manufacturers have to trust old gasoline?Taking an overview of the current renewably sourced automobile fuel industry, we see the growing shift to electric vehicles. Electric cars are fueling a revolution across the globe, but their sustainability still needs work to be proven.
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