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Youtube's Highest Earner Is an 8-Year-Old Who Lives in Texas with a Sum of $26 Million

In just one year Ryan Kaji earned $26 million from his toy reviews on YouTube.December 20, 2019The highest-earning person on YouTube this year was eight-year-old Ryan Kaji. This is the second year in a row that Kaji is the online video platform& 39;s highest-earning person.Kaji& 39;s account, Ryan& 39;s World, reviews toys and brought in $26 million this year, up from $22 million last year.
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AGENT Smartwatch

October 15, 2013At present we are witnessing fierce competition on the smartphone market between the leading companies and several smaller manufacturers. But there is another marketing segment which develops a bit faster nowadays – the segment of smartwatches. Although smartwatches are still behind the smartphones regarding performance, connectivity and apps, a look taken at different point of view shows that a smartwatch is far easier and comfortable to wear unlike most brick-like smartphones.
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Boeing Discovers New Wiring Issue With 737 Max

The issue is with wires that control the tail of the plane.January 06, 2020Boeing, the embroiled airplane manufacturer, has identified another issue with the 737 Max, which has been grounded ever since two crashes killed 346 people.According to a New York Times report, as the plane was undergoing an audit by the U.
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Y:Cube to Solve Accomodation Problems in London

February 28, 2014Growing cities face the same problem all around the world: lack of space for living. London isn’t different in this respect and, being a capital city of UK, faces the same problem – higher populations, low space for living and very high rental and estate prices. The following proposal is offered by the architects from Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners in cooperation with YMCA London South West.
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