The most expensive belt buckle in the world: The Calibre R822 Predator

The most expensive belt buckle in the world: The Calibre R822 Predator

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Who would have thought that a belt buckle could actually be a work of art? What's more surprising is the fact that the Calibre R822 Predator is the most expensive belt buckle in the world with a price tag of US$400,000. This stunning buckle is from Roland Iten and it's more of a piece of mechanical jewellery than a belt buckle.

[Image Source: Roland Iten]

This particular belt buckle should not be hidden away as it is made with mechanisms that are very intricate and which beg to be shown off. They have the finely detailed machining of the finest Swiss watches and are made from some of the most exotic of materials.

The most expensive belt buckle is made from 167 components and the price tag is just for the buckle, it doesn’t come attached to a belt. One of the key mechanical features to the belt is how easily and quickly you can attach the Predator to a belt.

The designer said: "Once the wearer inserts the end of the leather strap in the buckle, the double ardillion tang engages effortlessly with the holes in the strap… Operating the Calibre R822 buckle is a veritable tactile pleasure, and it offers a simple, one-handed adjustment for two positions – looser, for driving or sitting, and tighter, for walking or playing sport."

[Image Source: Roland Iten]

The Predator is said to be a quadruple complication belt buckle and the fourth of these complications is a security mechanism that will stop any of the first three complications happening by accident. The buckle has been designed with 387 baguette- and round-cut diamonds, which total 14.15 carats. The mechanical platform is made from high tech titanium.

[Image Source: Roland Iten]

Only three of the Calibre R822 Predator belt buckles will be made and with such a hefty price tag it is of course a collectible for the rich.

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