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Esbee Cables - Thunderclap & Kickstarter

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[Image Source: Esbee]

We reviewed the start up of Esbee Cables, what can arguably be called the first Super Cable, recently here on I.E., The Go Live for Esbee's Kickstarter Campaign begins on August 11th, and you can find that right here. In order to make that effort all it can be, Esbee is turning to Thunderclap to help get the message out.

[Image Source: Esbee]

If you're not familiar with Thundeclap, check it out - Not only can you help Esbee, (And yourself - More on that in a moment), you may find Thunderclap a cable tool as well. Thunderclap is "the first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together." In essence, it's a kickstart for any kind of a campaign wherein getting the word out is key to success, (and what campaign isn't, these days?). Thunderclap harnesses and magnifies the power of social media to generate an overall larger impact. Users, Esbee in this instance, sets a goal of so many supporters that they expect to harness, each of whom will spread the Esbee word via social media - Facebook, Twitter, Tumbr - and by so doing, reach for more folks with the message than Esbee would alone. If Esbee reaches their goal, Thunderclap doubles their efforts by "blasting out a timed Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr post from all your supporters, creating a wave of attention."

The Esbee Thunderclap campaign is, of course, designed to alert and drive folks to their Kickstarter campaign; that goal is 250 supporters, and they're already more than halfway there. That said, there's still room for more, and to sweeten the pot, Esbee has a little something for fifty lucky folks - As Esbee C.E.O. Moazzam Khan notes, "to get more people to our Thunderclap page, we are promising 50 free Esbee Cables as an initiative for people to pledge support." And there you have it - Help spread the word about the last data/charging cable you may ever need to buy, and you've got a great shot at snagging a free Esbee cable. At the time of this article, you've got something less than 24 hours to get onboard, so time truly is of the essence.

If you missed our original piece on the Esbee Super Cable, here's a review of the basics:

  • Four cores of wires. Two for current and two for data.
  • Tin plated copper wires - 10 times more durable than regular copper.
  • 18 braided meshes as opposed to the standard 8 braids.
  • Five layers of insulation. Normally cables come with 2-3 layers.
  • Environmental friendly Halogen Free TPE. Regular cables are made from PVC.
  • Classic natural hide leather or vibrant suede leather carefully hand-stitched around the cable - giving the cable extreme durability and soft stylish look.
  • Brass buckle for neat closure and portability

Again, the Esbee Cables Kickstarter campaign launches on Tuesday, August 11th. A $25 pledge to that campaign will also snag you one of these beauties, too, so head over there and get on board!

Check out the Esbee Cables webpage, Twitter feed, and the Esbee Facebook page for more updates.

Written by Eben M. Atwater

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