Turkey Reveals Its First-Ever Electric Car

Turkey Reveals Its First-Ever Electric Car

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Turkey has revealed their new electric vehicle today. The unveiling took place in Gebze, and there was a surprise for the participants; they saw one of the four "Devrim" cars produced in 1961, which were the first cars manufactured by Turkey.


There was also a simulation of the new car to make the guests experience a test drive.

According to Hürriyet News of Turkey, the engine power of the new automobile is 150 kW, Sedan, the 4x2 vehicle, has 200 horsepower and SUV, the 4x4 vehicle, has 400 horsepower. It will be charged under 30 minutes up to 80%.

The automobile will be connected to the center all the time and the updates will be done through 4G and 5G connection.

Also, it'll have the self-driving technology, when there's heavy traffic, the automobile will stop-and-go on its own. The driver won't need to do anything specific.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of the Republic of Turkey, said, "Today we witness a historic moment, the 60-year-old dream of Turkey is coming true. Today we share the cars with you as we promised 2 years ago."

Yeni Lige yolculuğum başladı…
Teşekkürler Türkiyem!#TürkiyeninOtomobili C-SUV#YeniLigeYolculuk#TOGG

— Türkiye’nin Otomobili (@TOGG2022) December 27, 2019

Erdoğan continued, "The dream of a national and a local car isn't new for Turkey, we've been chasing this dream for the past 60 years. The first national automobile attempt, the story of Devrim, shows us how our dreams turned into a nightmare."

— Türkiye’nin Otomobili (@TOGG2022) December 27, 2019

The car will be released in 2022, and Erdoğan said in his speech that he's the first one to pre-order.

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