Mercedes-Benz Unveils New Concept Car Inspired by Movie “Avatar”

Mercedes-Benz Unveils New Concept Car Inspired by Movie “Avatar”

CES 2020 is advancing at top speed with revolutionary innovations, and a new concept car by Mercedes-Benz has been unveiled at the gathering.

The Vision AVTR, inspired by James Cameron’s epic “Avatar” movie, is a visionary beauty with the intent of embodying themes of ecologically-sound mobility.

Adorned with scales, the design looks like a futuristic dreamboat, and it is hard not to feel excited about the future of cars when you look at it.


It certainly isn’t like any other Mercedes vehicle, and the automaker states that the 2009 sci-fi movie Avatar was the muse that is accountable for the unusual aesthetic of the car.

Much like in the movie, the car is supposed to act like a “living organism” that connects with its driver and allows them to feel one with the world around them.

The rear end of the AVTR is covered in 33 scales which are named “bionic flaps” by Mercedes. Apparently, these flaps could be used for communicating with people outside the car.

The Vision AVTR tease outs what it will be like to drive a car in the future. Just imagine this: you place your hand on the controller and the vehicle recognizes your pulse. The gigantic central screen enables you to virtually travel to lands ahead without a steering wheel.

True to the soul of “Avatar", the seats, dash, and floorboard are made of recycled materials such as “Dinamca” faux leather and ”Karoon” which is a type of wood. It is harvested from the roots found in the Amazon rainforest.

Mercedes’ vision focuses on a world of organic battery technology made sustainable. The Vision ATVR’s 110 kW/h battery contains special organic cell chemistry which is free of Earth's rare materials. This enables it to have 470 horsepower and offers a driving range of 435 miles.

Together with the special spherical wheels that make moving sideways and diagonally possible, this car is totally something out of this world.

For sure, the Vision AVTR is a futuristic concept and it might not make it to production. However, its iconic design and visionary carbon footprint reducement are sure to make an impact.

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