Ohio Man Pulled Over for Doing 290 Kph on Near-Empty Highway by Michigan State Police

Ohio Man Pulled Over for Doing 290 Kph on Near-Empty Highway by Michigan State Police

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It seems like people are going to the extremes to ease their boredom and feel the adrenalin rush that comes with doing dangerous stuff amid the COVID-19 lockdown. Streets have gotten quiet and some people seem to think that it is the green light for playing Formula Racer. Most recently, a driver who was speeding at a staggering 290 kph - which is more than 180 kph over the speed limit - was ticketed by the Michigan State Police.

Michigan State Police posted the speeding ticket on its Twitter account; however, the tweet has now been deleted in order to protect the driver's identity. The deleted tweet showed that the individual was cited on April 19.


Apparently, the driver, who is from Ohio and was riding a 2016 Dodge Challenger, was southbound on I-75 at around 11.45 pm, near the Sigler Road exit in Berlin Township when the police stopped him, MLive reports. It should be noted that the area is a 110 kph zone.

Thanks to the troopers posted ahead of the officer who first noticed the speeder, the driver did comply and pull over.

The driver will only pay a $180 fine since he was issued a single charge for exceeding the speed limit by 40 kph or more.

Lieutenant Brian Oleksyk of the Michigan State Police said, “For some reason, the public has a perception with the stay-at-home stay-safe order with only essential drivers on the road that there is a lot less traffic, and people are taking it on themselves to drive at high rates of speed and over the past couple of weeks. Our troopers have seen an increase in people speeding on the highway." Independent reports.

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