This Groovy-Looking T-Rex Clock Costs a Whopping $27,000

This Groovy-Looking T-Rex Clock Costs a Whopping $27,000

What do you get when you combine a dinosaur and a clock? A groovy $27,000 horological artifact that will entertain and delight you.


Designed by MB&F, made by L'Epée, and re-created by Massena Lab, this T-Rex clock is bound to be a favorite piece amongst collectors. The model is a reimagining on a previous MB&F creation also called the T-Rex and referred to as Jurassic art.

"T-Rex is closely modeled on the actual skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex; designer Maximilian Maertens studied 3D scans of dinosaur fossils to inject authenticity into the proportions and positioning of T-Rex’s legs," says the original product's page.

The new model looks pretty much the same except, however, it has a bronze-colored body. "This model switches out the original steel for bronze, the copper alloy whose mastery amounted to a technological revolution so immense that it ushered in a new age of early civilization," says the new product page.

That's not the only change. The feet of the bronze T-Rex are also aged to simulate an earthy brown patina. Meanwhile, the bronze structure is oxidized by hand to give it a more authentic T-Rex look. This means that every clock is one of its kind.

We are not sure which audience these clockmakers are targeting. Maybe a niche target audience that is really into horology and paleontology at the same time? However, only 15 of these limited edition creations have been made, which means if it appeals to you and you have the cash you may want to purchase it soon.

The clock comes with a balance frequency of 2.5 Hz / 18,000 vph and a power reserve that lasts for 8 days. Its dimensions in inches are 10.43 x 10.15 x 7.00 (in millimeters: 265 x 258 x 178) and it weighs approximately 4.5 pounds (2 kg). Can you hear it roar?

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