DIY Cybertruck Replica Looks Almost Too Good to Be True

DIY Cybertruck Replica Looks Almost Too Good to Be True

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There are a number of remodeled and DIY versions of Tesla's Cybertruck out there. Some are good, others aren't fit for the road so to say.

This freshly made 'new' Cybertruck replica may look like it's fake or straight out of a sci-fi movie (just like the original vehicle) and may not be electric, but it looks incredibly good.

Someone going by the name "Jim" on Instagram posted videos and images of the replica on Thursday.


It's looking more and more likely. Tesla brought out the Cybertruck last year and it garnered a fair few comments around the world, and it just keeps on doing so — even if this time isn't an actual Cybertruck made by Tesla.

This new replica is a convincing one and it appears to be fully functioning as the DIYer has been posting videos of the vehicle moving along on the roads and in traffic. If it weren't for the other cars surrounding it, it would easily look fake.

From the images posted on Instagram, the vehicle is well built and looks good, especially for a DIY project. It's not quite as tailored as the actual Cybertruck, but that's to be expected.

Take a look at what the latest DIY version of the Cybertruck looks like and decide what you make of it:

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