This Eco-Friendly Mural Cleans Air Pollution as Much as 780 Trees

This Eco-Friendly Mural Cleans Air Pollution as Much as 780 Trees

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Warsaw, Poland has gotten a public art project that is like no other: not only the giant murals look absolutely stunning, but they also come with certain environmental benefits. If you're asking how -- it all boils down into a special pigment.


The mural is a part of Converse City Forests project, and it aims to "plant" trees in areas where they don't typically grow. One such location, specifically a building next to the Politechnika metro station, was chosen in Warsaw and local artists Dawid Ryski and Maciek Polak came together to design a giant mural that was to be executed using a unique pigment.

The photocatalytic paint that was used to make the design come to life is activated by light to break down pollutants in the air and turn the substance into harmless nitrates, thus cutting down on pollution and improving air quality.

Here is the process as explained by sportswear company Converse, "This technology uses light energy to break down noxious air pollutants and convert them into harmless substances. Any surface coated with this paint becomes an active air-purifying surface that helps protect people from harmful gases."

Polka and Ryski's design features a collection of smiling flowers entangled among high rise buildings. It has "Create Together For Tomorrow" written on it, which perfectly captures the essence of the project. The design was executed by Good Looking Studio's expert muralists.

According to Converse, the giant public art has the cleaning power of 780 trees. The ultimate goal of the project is to produce art that equals 3,000 trees and the brand aims to have murals up in Sydney, Sao Paolo, Lima, and Bogota, and other cities that haven't been announced yet. While it wouldn't be enough on its own, murals done with this special, sun-activated paint could tackle some of the air pollution that haunts countries like India.

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